Total Fitness


Total Fitness approached me to help bring their new brand identity to their new iPhone app. The brand emphasized cleanliness and the grunginess of the gym. Bring this brand to the iOS atmosphere was a fun and challenging project. In the end ease of development and keeping the iOS app lightweight took priority over visual aspects to keep the user interface snappy and responsive.

Getting Started

Simple yet effective log in screens. Nothing more.

User Onboarding

There is a lot of information a personal trainer needs to know about you. An app that is designed to help you workout and lose weight requires even more information. Helping understand where a user currently is, their goals, and experience helps the algorithm place them best on how to achieve their personal goals.

Making Information Readily Available

Getting started in the workout world is difficult. Having a mini trainer in your pocket showing you the way is valuable. Giving users quick access to their goals and exercise examples allows the user to get the job done and get their workouts done more effectively.

Forward Thinking Groceries

Knowing what to eat and what not to eat can be the most challenging part of working out and having goals. Being able to order your supplements and food that aligned with your goals helped keep users on track and was proven to drive the best user results.

Work With Me

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