At A Glance

RealOEM is a personal project I started to test myself by creating a large and easy to use parts catalog. This design project is based off the real website The site allows users to find and search for any individual part that they would need for their car. This catalog list each part for current and past model years which adds up to one large ass list which is a great challenge to solve with UI and UX design.


A simple landing page helps direct the user to the main action we want them to take; select their model car or search for a specifc part.


Creating an easy to navigat catalog for the web was an interesting challenge. Being able to easily change between multiple catalogs without going into complex menus was a must. The 3 column format accomplishes this need by keeping all catalogs in view while giving the user an overhead view of where they are located.

Module Cart System

Opting for a modular system allows the user to gain all relavatn information about the product they have chosem; pirce, discription and being able to add to their cart. The modular system allows the user to close and not be taken away form their current catalog and have to navigate back.

Effortless Checkout

Using advance checkout technology such as Apple Pay allows the user to simple press "Checkout" and the app will beging cantacting a local dealer to place your order and setup your shipping automatically.

That's All Folks

Another personal project under wraps. As always please feel free to contact me or keep tabs on me at Dribbble.