GymApp 2

At A Glance

GymApp was my very first project that I put myself to the test of designing. During the begging of my career I was very focused of visual design and the user experience always came last. Having felt unsatisfied with my work I decide the only way to correct this was by redesigning my project. GymApp 2 is the result of focusing on the user first, making sure that this interface could be used easily while rolling through a workout at the gym.

The core structure of the app revolves around workouts. Having the ability to see what workouts friends are doing would be handy; being able to create, post and share your workouts with your friends in an easy way makes life a little easier and prevents you from having to bring those binders with you everywhere and sharing a breeze.

Wireframing User Experience & Flow

Creating a simple experience for the gym can be difficult. A lot of app’s try to be the all in one for every need. However stripping down the experience and just focusing on workout plans and getting through them was my main goal.

Visual Design & User Interface

The visual design of the app is designed around the new interface styles of iOS 7. This creates a familiar space for users to interact with rapidly throughout their workouts.

Optimising Visual Design To Impact The Experience

Real world testing of the app while some one was physically working out was a large eye opener towards the visual design of the app. We realized users needed to recognize the correct buttons to push, swipe, and interact with quick glances at the screen.

That's All Folks

Another personal project under wraps. As always please feel free to contact me or keep tabs on me at Dribbble.