simple, purposeful.

User Interface & Experience Designer.


Past & Present

In 2005 I was introduced to the world of photoshop and quickly I began creating signatures and avatars for my forum identities. I began to venture out from simple avatars & signatures to begin designing websites for the video games I was passionate about. After years of learning and growing I finally felt comfortable with my skills to start freelancing in 2010 under my own name in the DC Metro area and creating a close collaboration at eevince as their junior designer. Beginning in 2013 I joined IMGE taking my creative career to the next level under a professional agency.


    Freelancing in D.C. Metro

    2013 - 2016

    UI/UX Designer at IMGE

    Product Designer at IJR.

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When you can’t find me behind the monitor you'll find me hanging out with my girlfriend and our cats or:

    Xbox Live

    59,546 Gamerscore

    Traveling The States



    Exploring, learning, applying.



RealOEM is a personal project I started to test myself by creating a large and easy to use database.


Maintenance Books

Maintaining an engine is complex; maintaining a BMW engine is even more complex and daunting.